Marsalforn in Gozo

The Location.

Marsalforn is a small town situated in the north of the island of Gozo and is one of its most popular seaside resorts. The town's small size means that every amenity is within walking distance. In summer the town is alive with the bustle of visiting tourists whilst during off-peak seasons, it reverts back to the tranquil, idyllic pace of life that Gozo is renowned for.

The town's small beach attracts the crowds, but venture to the northwest and you will discover the bays of Qbajjar and Xwejni which offer a quieter retreat.

The town's historical significance as a harbour is also evident from the town's name as it's derived from the Arabic words "Marsa" which means "bay" and "lifurna" which means "ship". The locality is also bordered by saltpans, which date back to the 1700s and are still in use till this day.

The whole area that encompasses Marsalforn and its surroundings is viewable from the top of "il-merzup", a small hill that also serves as a prominent feature of the town's picturesque back-drop. A gigantic statue of Christ crowns the hill thus the hill has become known in popular vernacular as "tas-Salvatur" (Our Saviours Hill).

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